Your child’s world expands every time they hop into a Polka Dots classroom. Traditional schooling heavily favors the verbal-linguistic & logical-mathematical intelligences. There have been emphasized in education since its inception while the others have been ignored.

But, there exists a multitude of intelligences, quite independent of each other that each intelligence has its own strengths and constraints. All EIGHT intelligences are needed for a fruitful life. Hence, there is a need to attend to all the intelligences, not just the first two that have been the traditional concern.

A more balanced curriculum that incorporates the arts, self-awareness, communication & physical education is suggested. PolkaDOTs uses a large repertoire of techniques, strategies & tools for teaching the eight intelligences throughout the curriculum, including role playing, musical performance, cooperative learning, reflection, visualization, story telling, life skills & so on. Learning by doing, instructions centered on child are our instructional principles.

Polkadots compassionately & innovatively empowers children bu fostering the all-round development of the child.