Our classromms are organized around learning centers as a way of creating learning spaces around different domains where a set of materials in which each of the intelligences is manifested are included.

Every room in Polkadots is brightly coloured, filled with books, toys & energy; along with a range of discovery areas for your child to explore. There are a variety of carefully thought-out areas such as doodle walls, library corner, art & craft corner etc, that are well-resourced.

Your child will have fun learning throughout play, where everything from chair to toys to toilets, kitchen platforms is child-sized, soft and comfortable to createa calm & welcoming environment. Needless to say, our facilities are aesthetically designed & kept sparkling clean.

The child – is good with puzzles, learns by watching, observing; recognizes shapes & colours & can reproduce them throughout artwork, enjoys doodling, drawing and painting.