Our Playscapes are designed suitably for each age groups with soft & colourful rubble flooring in the interior & in the playground as well. Children have a lot of promenades & equipments for them to have fun, burn their ample energy & develop muscles, social skills & motor skills. – for – PolkaDots Kondapur is Fun & Learning Place For Kids

We have specially crafted, fun spots for the children to have fun & explore the outdoors, like:

❯ sand pit ❯ splash pool ❯ pet corner ❯ traffic island ❯ kitchen garden ❯ jungle gym

That will be so much fun

Art and Craft Corner

Your child paints the best pictures that you have ever seen….

Roleplay Corner

Where your child becomes a doctor, a nurse, an engineer, a fireman…

Library Corner

Where your child sits with a friend & a book & go away to a far land…

Messy Corner

Where your child makes a real mess out of fruits and vegetables…

Pet Corner

Where your child chases ducks & rabbits to feed them…

Traffic Island

Where your child stop at the red light while riding…

Kitchen Garden

Where your child grows along with the plants he wants…


The child – explores & learns through touch & movement